SYMY Manpower Inc.

Welcome to SYMY Manpower Inc. - Foreign Workers Agency

Our Mission

To strive to meet our clients' demands with excellent service and high integrity, and to provide global solutions in recruiting and placing individuals in industries all over the world.


About Us

SYMY Manpower Inc. is about a group of highly experienced manpower experts who share the desire and passion to supply high quality of service. With combined experience of over 40 years in the global manpower/placement industry we know that hard work, honesty and integrity are the keys to success. Call or write us today and let us show you how SYMY Manpower Inc. can solve your manpower shortage problems.

Being 100% Canadian owned and based in Canada we know how to address the critical labor shortages in the Canadian workplace. We specialize in recruiting skilled and unskilled workers for the hospitality, home care, nursing, oil and gas and construction markets from all over the globe.

Through our vast network of associates in the Far East, Middle East, China and Europe we have unlimited numbers of highly qualified manpower with the expertise and experience that Canadian companies need. With years of experience in bringing top talent to Canada we have become a leader in our field in working with the Canadian Government in all provinces in providing the most efficient service to our clients.